About US

Shanghai Enbang Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. (For Short as Shanghai Enbang), professional R&D and production of metal capacitive pressure /sensor,isolating intelligent EB series pressure/differential pressure transmitter of the manufacturers. Products include pressure/differential pressure transmitter, remote transmitting pressure/differential pressure transmitter and T type pressure transmitter, flange type liquid level transmitter. Superior product quality, service and thoughtful, trusted by the user.
Shanghai Kraut has always been committed to upgrade and improve the products, domestic and foreign advanced experience for reference, to capture the production of capacitive pressure sensors in a number of technical difficulties. The anaerobic type sintering technology to solve the sensor filled pipe and glass sintering of oxide layer problem; sensor and core diaphragm using computer to locate and tensioning technology, the accuracy, static performance and high overload capacity is improved. The circuit of pressure transmitter is used in the advanced technology, the power supply is isolated from the transformer, and the signal is isolated from the light source, so that the transmitter has good anti-interference ability,and the reliability and stability of the product is ensured.