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Professinoal liquid specific gravity liquid density meter with LCD
Professinoal liquid specific gravity liquid density meter with LCD

Professinoal liquid specific gravity liquid density meter with LCD

OverviewQuick DetailsPlace of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)Brand Name:EnbangModel Number:EB3351MDPowersupply:24V DCOutput Signal:4-20 mA

Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Power supply:
24V DC
Output Signal:
4-20 mA
316L, Hastelloy-C
Process connection:
Flange /clamp
Displaying Mode:
Professinoal liquid specific gravity liquid density meter with LCD
Filling fluid:
silicon oil
Product Description


Intelligent online density meter


Automatic measuring instrument for on-line measurement of the density of a variety of liquid or liquid mixtures by a smart online density meter. Widely used in the oil, oil refining, oil and water interface detection in the food industry, it is used in the detection of grape juice, tomato juice, fruit syrup, vegetable oil and soft drinks. In the chemical industry, it is also used in the detection of cleaning agent, ethylene glycol, urea and polymer density. It is also widely used in pharmaceutical industry, dairy industry, mining industry, etc.

The smart online density meter can be continuous on-line measurement of liquid density, no process interruption, can be directly used in the production process control. The integration of the two wire transmitter structure, no moving parts, simple maintenance and convenient installation and use. 

2.Working principle

Intelligent online density meter is essentially a differential pressure transmitter. Its working principle: the pressure of a certain height of liquid column is proportional to the density of the liquid.

P=ρgh: P -- Pressure of a certain height of liquid column 

ρ - The liquid density

g - Measurement of earth gravity acceleration

h - Height of liquid column

According to the pressure measured by the pressure gauge, the density value of the measured liquid can be obtained under the condition that the gravity acceleration and the height of the liquid column as the known conditions.

3.Technical parameters

Density measurement range: (0~2) g/cm3 

Accuracy: 0.2%, 0.5%

Resolution: 0.005g/cm3

Operating voltage: (18.5~45) DC V (common DC 24V, load 250)

Environment temperature: (-10~60) 

* The ambient humidity: (5~90)%RH 

Output signal: (4~20) mA (HART).

Meter display: LCD / LED digital display, LCD intelligent display 

Mechanical installation: flange connection, clamp connections

4.The main characteristics

Excellent over voltage protection structure, excellent temperature stability, full welding sealing, reliable design

Suitable for measuring high temperature and low temperature, high viscosity medium containing impurities

Fixed insert type diaphragm design, factory calibration, convenient field configuration

Density measurement for the tank, pipe, flow, or stationary medium

Intrinsically safe type can be used for dangerous environment

Health type can be used in food, pharmaceutical production site

5.Using method

5.1  Installation method

There are two types of smart online density meter in the structure, which is the top mounting type and the side mounting type. The top mounting type is suitable for the installation of the tank, and the side mounting type is suitable for the pipe installation, in order to meet the requirement of the density measurement under different working conditions.

Installation type

Insert depth A (mm)

Takes the center diaphragm distance B (mm)

Lateral width C (mm)

Top mount




Side mount




 (Note: A, C, B size can be manufactured separately according to customer requirements)

Professinoal liquid specific gravity liquid density meter with LCD


5.2  Field wiring


Field wiring diagram of intelligent online density meterProfessinoal liquid specific gravity liquid density meter with LCD

5.3 Read density values 

Intelligent online density meter factory, the display meter reading is for the measurement of real density value, can be directly read.

With (4~20) mA current output of the density meter, the 4mA corresponding to the density meter density measurement of the lower limit, while the 20mA is corresponding to the density meter density measurement of the upper limit value. According to the current value of the actual measurement, the current value corresponding to the upper and lower limit of the density meter is converted to the corresponding density value. The current value obtained by the actual measurement should be converted according to the current value corresponding to the upper and lower limit of the density meter. For example, the lower 4mA output corresponding to the density value of 0g/cm3, the upper bound 20mA output corresponding to the density of 2g/cm3, the corresponding density value, then: (2-0) x (12-4) / (20-4) =1 (g/cm3)


6, installation structure diagram

Professinoal liquid specific gravity liquid density meter with LCD    Professinoal liquid specific gravity liquid density meter with LCD


                            Figure A                                                                       Figure B 


                   Pipeline installation                                          Side mounted type

    Professinoal liquid specific gravity liquid density meter with LCD


                            Figure C                                                                     Figure D 




                         Insert straight                                              Insert bend


7. Note


7.1 Smart online density meter for automatic precision measuring instrument, its measuring diaphragm in addition to being measured pressure shall not bear any other external force.


7.2 In the installation of smart online density time, should ensure that the vertical installation (vertical to the ground plane, that is, the measurement of the degree of confidentiality of the column is perpendicular to the horizontal plane), otherwise it will produce the measurement error.


7.3 When ordering, should be clearly stated in the measurement medium, measurement range, the use of gravity acceleration (or indicate the use of the region name) and the use of field conditions (such as: explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, health, etc.).








1.    What are your main products?

A:  Our main products are including Pressure transmitters, Pressure transducers,  pressure sensor, smart Pressure sensor, Level Transmitter, Differential pressure transmitter (DP transmitter), Electromagnetic flow meter and etc.
2. How do you ensure the quality of products?
A:We have a complete quality control system, all of our products will be fully pre-inspection by QC departments before shipping.
3. What detailed information do we need to provide if we want to place an order?
A:  We need to know the following info:
-  Medium information
(such as Liquid or gas,etc)
-  Measurement range (such as 0~5KPa)
-  Work temperture (such as 30~ 60)
-  Output signal 
(such as 4-20mA)
-  Electric connection  (such as DIN, terminals)
-  Process connection  (such as M20x1.5 male)
4.  What’s your production capacity and can you offer free samples?
A:   Our production capacity is about 6,000 pieces per month, we can offer free samples, however ,you need pay for the samples first, and we will return it after you order the bulk orders.
5.  How fast can you deliver goods?

A:   For small orders (less than 20 pieces), we can deliver within 7 working days, for bulk orders, we usually need 15 working days Special accessories, order cycle may be longer . But if you need goods urgently, we can arrange expedited production.

6. What types of payment terms can you accept?
A:  We accept the payment terms: L/C,TT, Western Union, Money Gram, etc.


Professinoal liquid specific gravity liquid density meter with LCD 

Packaging & Shipping

Accept: Air,sea and land transportation.

Professinoal liquid specific gravity liquid density meter with LCD 

Company Information

Professinoal liquid specific gravity liquid density meter with LCD

Shanghai enbang Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Enbang instrument), has always been committed to in the field of pressure measurement, uphold the spirit of technical innovation and management innovation, with rich sensor R & D and production experience, advanced production and testing equipment and technology, strict testing process sequence, to provide customers with high quality sensors, transmitters and related technical services, superior product quality, perfect service, let us deeply trusted by users.
Enbang instrument advanced experience at home and abroad, to capture a number of technical difficulties in the production of transmitter. Anaerobic type sintering technology, the use of oxide layer problem solve the transmitter pressure sensor filled pipe and glass sintering; pressure sensor and core diaphragm using computer to locate and tensioning technology, the accuracy, static pressure performance and high overload capacity is improved; part of the circuit adopts advanced isolation technique, power supply terminal with isolation transformer and signal terminal with optical coupler isolation. The pressure transmitter has a good anti-jamming capability, to ensure the reliability and stability of the product.
In 10 years, enbang instrument has been with honest and trustworthy, pragmatic, innovative "spirit of enterprise, learning at home and abroad advanced knowledge and technology and business management experience, and constantly improve the management level and the innovation ability of enterprises," excellent products, superior quality, excellent management, excellent service "to meet customer demand, enable us to have a competitive advantage in the sensor industry, provides a guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises.